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Katherine DeTurk
1 min readApr 15, 2021


How a veteran officer could have mistaken a Glock for a Taser in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright

Sunday another unarmed young African American man was pronounced dead due to police misconduct. Kim Potter, a Brooklyn Center police Officer, supposedly mistook her Glock for a taser, accidentally murdering Mr. Wright. American’s are outraged and calling for increased police training.

US lawmakers advance bill to create slavery reparations commission

Research regarding slavery reparations is beginning to be conducted in the halls of congress. Wednesday the House judiciary committee voted 25–17, passing a bill which created a commission to study the issue. The final passage of the bill is set to take place in the coming weeks.

Biden Says It Is ‘Time for America’s Troops to Come Home’ From Afghanistan

By Sept. 11 American troops are expected to be home from Afghanistan. President Biden discussed in his press conference Wednesday that the objectives in Afghanistan have been met. This reallocation of troops could be fatal due to the grip the Taliban has on Middle Eastern countries.