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Katherine DeTurk
1 min readMar 9, 2021


White House rehangs Clinton, Bush portraits moved under Trump

The Biden administration has already begun to make changes to the White House. One of those alterations included moving Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton portraits back to the Grand Foyer. President Trump allegedly moved the portraits to a less prominent location.

Napperville, Ill. Teachers Double Down in Support of Racially Diverse Training

A Illinois school district has required faculty to attend a “Countywide Equity Institute”. The presentation has been accused of likening terms such as “Make America Great Again” to “Confederate Flags”. Many conservatives are outraged at the alleged indoctrination taking place in American schools.

New York prosecutors investigating Trump Chicago skyscraper loan: report

An investigation of President Donald Trump’s finances has broadened. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has subpoenaed documents regarding the Trump skyscraper in Chicago. Prosecutors are seeking information to help understand how the Trump Organization handled their various construction loans.