Lead Sentences

Katherine DeTurk
2 min readMar 11, 2021


  1. Who — Rufus N. Hebernowald, an air force major
  2. What — 15 cars were destroyed in the northern parking lot
  3. When — 12 Thursday
  4. Where — Super Shopping Mall Northern parking lot, western edge of town, Rufus was stationed in little rock air-force base
  5. How — jet aircraft he was piloting crashed

Lead : Fifteen cars were destroyed in a plane crash over the Super Shopping Mall parking lot noon Thursday, the pilot was also killed during the accident.

Second Paragraph : Rufus N. Hebernowald was killed after crashing into a mall parking lot.

In class work

  1. Who —Assistant Superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer,
  2. What — enrollment dropping, third consecutive year, drop by 200 students
  3. When — Thursday
  4. Where — Hattiesburg School Board of Education meeting
  5. Why — ?
  6. How — ?

Lead : A bleak future is on the horizon for the Hattiesburg school district as enrollment has declined by 200 students for the third year in a row.

Second Paragraph : The Board of Education announced the consecutive decline in enrollment at their Thursday meeting.

  1. John Dumont and George Johnson
  2. Plane crash during takeoff, killing 5 people, professors escaped injury
  3. Thursday night
  4. Kennedy International Airport
  5. ?

Lead : Five people were killed in a takeoff crash at the Kennedy International Airport Thursday evening, two professors from Blackwater State University were aboard the plane but escaped injury.

Second Statement : Professors John Dumont and George Johnson were returning from conferences in New York City.


  1. Norman Meeman
  2. Spoke to an audience of 67 English students
  3. 4:30 P.M., Sunday
  4. Room 111, William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library
  5. Won Pulitzer Prize

Lead : Pulitzer Prize winner and well known author spoke to 67 English students Sunday, about the keys to becoming a great writer and the “hogwash” of collegiate writing.

Second Statement : Norman Meeman, Pulitzer Prize winner, spoke to college students at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

  1. Clement Crabtree and 32 others
  2. Announcement of George Washington Honor Medal winners
  3. Last week
  4. Ceremony in Pennsylvania
  5. “Plan for Peace” which he urged distribution of free packets of red, white and blue flowers.

Lead : A professor of horticulture and 32 others received the Freedoms Foundation George Washington Honor Medal last week at a beautiful ceremony in Pennsylvania.

Second Statement : Clement Crabtree was one of the 32 individuals who received the honor medal for his essay on a “Plan for Peace”.